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本插件是超实用的C4D动力学转换关键帧插件 NitroBake 1.0,大小:2.04 MB,支持Cinema4D R12-17版软件,支持Win MAC系统,语言:英语。

Cinema 4D是一套由德国公司Maxon Computer开发的3D绘图软件,以及高的运算速度和强大的渲染插件著称。Cinema 4D 应用广泛,在广告、电影、工业设计、等方面都有出色的表现,例如影片《阿凡达》有花鸦三维影动研究室中国工作人员使用Cinema 4D制作了部分场景,在这样的大片中看到C4D的表现是很优秀的。在其他动画电影中也使用到C4D的有很多如《毁灭战士》(Doom)、《范海辛》〈Van Helsing〉、《蜘蛛侠》、以及动画片《极地特快》、《丛林总动员》(Open Season)等等。它正成为许多一流艺术家和电影公司的首选,Cinema 4D已经走向成熟,很多模块的功能在同类软件中是代表科技进步的成果。

Description : Nitrobake offers a powerful, fast and intuitive way of effortlessly baking your scene into keyrames, and being able to export it to another software.

It can handle all of Cinema 4D’s objects and generators, Standard and Thinking Particles as well as MoGraph, Hair and Dynamics.

Be able to bake your scene into PSR animation, or Point Level animation in just 1 click. Nitrobake’s optimized algorithms only record the needed channels which results to less keyframes, meaning better performance, lighter files and less memory consumption.

Meshes with non-standard point-count can also be baked as frame-by-frame snapshots of the object.

In addition with Nitrobake everything can also be baked in a single mesh.

An easy to use, clean solution for keyframe baking.

now new versions 1.01 can bake more power you can bake X-Particles , the generate object,sprites objects ,

you can bake camera ,lights setting , and final if you rename object to NITROBAKE_TP ( you can bake others plugin used particles or generate)


资源名称: 超实用的C4D动力学转换关键帧插件 NitroBake 1.0

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