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本软件是由Mirye机构出品的Shade3D游戏建模动画软件V16.1.0.1092版,大小:310 MB,支持Win64位系统,语言:英语。

Shade  是一个灵活的套件,引入了先进的3D建模、渲染和动画流程,可同时适用于Mac OS X和Windows平台。使用Shade可以作为一个完整的独立的工具集,或者作为你目前工作流程中关键的设计工具。32位和64位硬件加速的Shade结合强大的ShadeGrid网络渲染,能够轻松扩展,提供快速渲染可能性。


Shade 3D Professional Win

Shade 3D Professional is the ultimate tool for 3D modeling, rendering and animation. Shade 3D Professional contains all the features included in Shade 3D Standard plus many more. See the list to see what ADDITIONAL features are included.

Shade 3D Professional 16 Features:

Master 3D

Shade 3D Professional is the ultimate tool for 3D modeling, rendering and animation.

More Modeling

– Meta-Elements (blobs, etc)

– Curved Surface Auto Smoothing/Interpolate

– Curved Surface Mirror Copy

– Room Planner Room Creator

More Animation

– Gravity / Collision Detection for Hair & Fur

– Fog Plus (Joint / Effector)

– Depth of Field (Joint / Effector)

– Direction Control of Path Joint

More Rendering

– Mete-Element Render Settings

– Subsurface Scattering

– Auto Exposure

– Render History

– Per Material Render Quality

– GI: Save Irradiance Cache

– GI: Save/Reuse Photo Mapping

– GI: Photon Mapping Gathering Scale

– Radiosity with Raytracing Draft

– Radiosity Save Calculations

– Radiosity: Reposition Lights without Recalculation

– Radiosity: Shadow Mapping with Ray Tracing

– Radiosity: Shadow Mapping with Path Tracing

More Lighting

– Shadow Softness with Ray Tracing

– IES Light Import

– Per Light Render Quality

More Effects

– Normal Mapping

– Solid Textures

More Post Processing

– Live Color Correction

– Glow Effector


– Unlimited nodes for network rendering, allowing you to speed up your renders with the help of other computers. Radiosity over ShadeGRID.

Render Size

– Render your images up to 22,528 x 22,528 pixels in size.



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